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The villa is rented entirely for families or groups, it does not offer the service of single rooms. A minimum stay of 5 nights is required.
Double room Villa la Bira, Orta lake, Holiday in Villa la Bira
Camera Rosa
The Camera Rosa is our romantic master double room. It’s a 60 sqm spacious room with large private bathroom and precious durmast parquet. Located on the West side of the Villa has a beautiful view on the lake and a beautiful small balcony.
The Camera Blu is the bright double bed room with the best landscape of the Villa. It has a private bathroom with shower and bathtub. Experience one of the best view of the lake directly in front of the S. Giulio island.
Double room Villa la Bira, room with a view in pettenasco, Villa la Bira, San Giulio Island
Camera Blu
Mansarda Villa la Bira, holiday Villa la Bira on the Orta Lake, Best holiday La Bira, Orta Lake, Holiday in Pettenasco, la Bira, luxury villa la Bira with pool and garden
Situated at the third floor of the Villa, the Mansarda has three single beds and two small windows in front of the S. Giulio Island. Also this room has a private bathroom with Shower, a perfect solution for kids.
Functional and comfortable, sit back and enjoy our Camera Verde. Complete with natural light, garden and pool views, this room is the perfect combination of function and comfort.
Camera Verde
Camera Verde
Villa la Bira Single Room Villa la Bira, Holiday in Pettenasco, Villa with Pool
Camera Rossa
Camera Rossa is the only single room of the Villa. You can have your privacy and relax with a comfortable single bed and obviously a private bathroom.